WElCOME to my personal blog/diary! I write alot of stuff here!

04:23AM 090823

MOOD : Sad<(/) Hyping(?) /p>

I haven't sleep probperly lately I want to change it but night time is just so peaceful I feel waste if I sleep..I play papa pizzaria or something at first I can't play any of them they crash and crash but I mange to turn on something and it work(?) It's been quite long since I play a game I actually like to self insert or write a story for game character more than enjoy the actual game and like that cringe zone site it's going to be all my fiction and self insert lore It's cringe I know but I feel excited and hype about them no one can stop it!

00:00am 100823

MOOD : Sleepy

00:00 100823 Today I again. sleep around 4-6 am the thing is I often dream if I sleep day time and it's not good one I dream about going to highschool 16y and got bully by a rich kid everything seem so real I can feel warm or water or hurt in my dream it's too real. Anyways as the dream goes the bully start to be a lot out of hand he would told me he will call gangs to hurt my brother and he did to the point where my brother start having knife going to school I first tell this to my father but he seems to think it will be over soon (which if this is real he would immediately take action but welp this is a dream) got to my teacher office it's Paint with blue and white (?) The timeing is funny I'm telling my teacher what happened the that rich kid accidentally walk in so I point him out He got mad and said he will call someone to kill my father but I think it was a buff I do afraid but I have to act confident so he won't say anything further I wait with 2 teacher and the bully is waiting upstairs (?) but it's a while until I heard many people panic I thought it was my anxiety but my teachers start stand up and look that point I only wish It was something else I walk out on the hall see many people surrounding the stair and I see my dad laying on with his favourite pink shirt and my brother is also there his right ankle were cut off and it's alot of blood around I see my brother pick my dad up I heard he said like it's ok he can still use left foot to work At that point I think loud and louder I wish this is a dream and nothing is real!!! then I wake up Apart of that to day I finally got snacks I want yesterday with my brothers but sadly the candy were too expensive.. and yeah all of them were actually very expensive.. but I like to buy them for my brother he is my greatest homies seeing them happy is my priority!

06:50AM 090823

MOOD : Hungry and Happy

This is my new blog! I don't know what Blog is for but I think it was something like a diary(?) today me and my family are starving we don't have any money because I use them to pay bills and Payment from my commission is not coming yet, I haven't eaten anything since yesterday noon and also whole day today I imagine about wanting to eat cheese flavor cup noodles and candy alot and distracting myself updateing Shrine site and this site It's not done but I like how it turned out a lot anyways luckily one of my customers has sent me payment so right now I'm writing this my father and brother are out buying chicken for dinner I don't hate it ho but I want to eat cheese flavor cup noodle so bad even tho it's expensive and it makes my stomach hurt or vomit a lot I still want to eat it anyways. oh, and my brothers are fighting too I just remember my Homie(brother) toasted a piece of bread for me yesterday he is really kind!